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becoming australian performances

A series of dance|music|film|story performances that explore what it means to truly belong to a place.

Steve and Hannah reflect on their relationship with the land where they live and on the way Australia’s first people stewarded that land, as seen through the lens of Bill Gammage’s book, “The Biggest Estate on Earth”.  In response to Bruce Pascoe’s “Dark Emu”, they explore the incredible innovation witnessed by white explorers: arguably the most successful, sustainable civilisation on earth!

Kangaroo Traps is a quirky comparison of the convenience, technology and sustainability of Aboriginal food systems and the supermarket aisle.  Developed in collaboration with filmmaker Angus Macpherson, this performance has had amazing responses from theatre audiences, art aficionados, educators and students alike!

Explorer Stories is a collaboration with Tasmanian visual artist Pamela Horsley and Sydney filmmaker Biz Adams which delves into stories of the innovative food systems, sustainable land management and permanent housing that challenged ‘terra nullius’, ‘hunter/gatherer’ and ‘savage’, but didn’t effectually change these colonial perceptions.

Detangling in Tasmania draws audiences to consider how we can burn off the undergrowth of fear that inhibits our movement, our voice, our existence here.

a cappella asylum seeker performance

This a cappella performance/album project is a response to the plight of those seeking asylum in Australia.

The first song, “Where The Heart Is” is ten vibrant tracks of live and recorded vocal, written about the love of music, learning and community Steve shares with Alphonse Mulumba, who moved from DRC to Benin and then Tasmania as a refugee.  Originally composed for Creative Conversations at Annandale Creative Arts Centre in Sydney.

Composition Workshops available - delve into ostinato layering

Asylum Seeker
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