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collaboration workshops


In these unique workshops participants experience a collaborative, creative process in which they explore and respond to a given theme through movement, sound, words and interacting.  Between 1hr and 3 full days, these workshops develop group dynamics and cohesion in groups of any size and age, or a performance piece (over one or two full days).  Workshops are tailored, through skilled facilitation and debriefing, to achieve specific outcomes.  Fees depend on numbers, length of time and context.​

becoming australian workshops

Respond to our Becoming Australian performances through our collaboration workshops.  


Request any combination of Short (45min) and Long Workshops (90min, Yr5 up) to maximise the benefit for every class.


Full day workshops (2 x 90min with optional 2nd day, Yr5 up) 

will create a short performance, which can be further rehearsed 

by a teacher.

creative arts workshops

Workshops in dance and music that engage participants in their understanding of their craft, improvisation, technique and ensemble skills.  Typically 45-120 minutes.

These are achieved through:

Music (songwriting, improvisation, ensemble performance)

Dance (afro-jazz, contemporary, improvisation, composition) Collaboration (improvising and composing across arts disciplines)

Art-making & Sustainability (including performance)

Mentoring/Feedback for Yr 10-12 (performance and composition)

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