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school tours and residencies

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performance sessions

50min of dance | music | film | story | visual art performance and kinaesthetic activities. Discover the convenient and sustainable land management seen by early white explorers, and the hospitality they received in a seemingly inhospitable land.  More...

collaboration workshop

In our unique workshops participants learn technique and experience a creative process in which they explore and respond to a given theme.  Through collaboration they create an entirely original piece of movement, sound and words, developing expression and group skills.  More...

multi-day residencies

We love hanging around, giving students a more in-depth experience of the creative process and helping them further refine their creative expression for performance or filming.

multi-day residencies

More time allows students time to create more, refine their material and make their own artistic direction decisions.

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a cappella asylum seeker

Steve's infectious and inventive a cappella jazz stories 
of seeking a home
in Australia.  More...
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tailored programs

We love working with you to
create a presentation or workshop that supports your theme, 
learning area or event brief.


Performing Arts, Sustainability and learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures are rarely combined in one learning experience, but our work integrates cross-curriculum priorities into most subject areas in a fun and unique way. 

We can proide details of curriculum areas and AITSL teaching standards covered.

our fees

At RockSalt Arts our standard workshops and performances are designed to fit any budget. We can also tailor make workshops, performances and professional development programs to suit any specific needs and we cater to all ages with all our work. Our ethos is to deliver a very cost competitive value proposition that allows us to generate return custom for the benefit of all.

professional development

Helping teachers and leaders dynamically embed cross-curriculum priorities and implement creative arts and school values.


Immersive Becoming Australian PD helps teachers satisfy Australian Curriculum criteria in most subject areas and cross curriculum priorities, while satisfying AITSL teaching standards.

Two-day intensive | Rich, relevant activity design

Imparting creative skills/tools, building confidence by actively supporting classroom delivery and activation of the learning

Linking Sustainability and Indigenous Studies to a theme

and unit of work has helped me see how it can all connect.

passionate, thought provoking, challenging, inspiring

informative, interactive, creative, genuine

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